Our Mission

From day one, our mission at LanguageConvo has been to provide a great language learning experience for you, and great jobs for our tutors around the world.

Learning with LanguageConvo is a unique experience. Our tutors live all around the world — so while you're learning the names of different foods, your Latin American Spanish instructor might describe the ingredients in delicious gallo pinto, and you might describe the ingredients in your favorite salad. Kids especially love getting to "play" online with their tutor who lives in a faraway country, and the cultural exchange experience is not only fun, but instructional. This direct, personal interaction means you, your children, or your students will learn much faster than what is possible in a traditional classroom setting or through a monotonous software program. On top of all of the benefits, our lessons are more affordable than any other language learning method, and we require everyone to try a free lesson before ever purchasing any.

International connections enriching the world one lesson at a time.

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Our Story

We're a small team based in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to providing a great language learning experience for you, and great jobs for our tutors around the world.

Our founder and CEO John Aitchison started LanguageConvo after leaving his career as an engineer to fulfill a lifelong dream of backpacking through Central and South America. Arriving in Nicaragua knowing little more than "hola," John was signed up for two weeks of Spanish lessons at a small school in the beautiful city of Esteli.

Our CEO learning Spanish in Nicaragua

In just a few hours of classes a day over two weeks, John realized that he (and all of the other students at the school) had learned what would typically be taught in about a semester of traditional classes. Private, focused lessons, with a native speaker, were the key. John's tutor Carold loved teaching Spanish to tourists stopping in Esteli; she had a stable, well-paying job, and really enjoyed not only passing along her language but part of her culture as well. Carold and John teamed up, and LanguageConvo was born.

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