Incredibly affordable prices. Pay as you go!

We don't have automated monthly payment "plans" which force monthly payments on you. Just buy lesson time and then use it to meet with your teacher whenever you want


per hour!

Families, Schools, Businesses, Study Groups, & Organizations

Any number of students can join a lesson at no additional cost!

Common Questions

Is the EasyListening™ conversational practice tool free?

We think it's the best way on the planet to practice conversation outside of your lessons. And yes, it's free for all of our students. Use it in-between lessons, along with other exercises, homework, and material your teacher gives you, to see dramatic improvements quickly!

🎁 How do I buy lessons as a gift?

First, create an account on the Get Started page; not to worry, this only takes about 10 seconds. Then go to Purchase -> Purchase Lessons, and when checking out select the "Make this a Gift" box. Voilà! You'll get a gift card code instantly, which you can give to anyone anywhere in the world.

How long are lessons?

You get to choose. Lessons can be 30 minutes long, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, etc. Each time you schedule a lesson you can choose the length, scheduling is very flexible.

Do I have to quickly use all of the lesson time that I buy?

No, we don't have weekly or monthly "plans" that expire quickly. You have an entire year after purchase to use your lessons.

Can I use PayPal™ for security?

Yes, in fact regardless of whether you pay with a card or PayPal account, all of our payment processing goes through PayPal servers for your security. We never "see" your payment information in any way. And we've been a certified PayPal merchant for more than 6 years.

Are prices the same no matter how many students attend a lesson?

Absolutely. A lot of our students are families, friends, schools and other organizations. You pay the same price for a lesson regardless of how many students attend.

What's the refund policy if I don’t enjoy my lessons?

No questions asked, we will refund any unused lesson time up to 60 days after purchase.

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