22.5 million people worldwide have been displaced by war, political persecution, and natural disaster. More than half are children. The UN Refugee Agency puts it best:

Imagine being forced to flee your country in order to escape to safety. If you were lucky you had time to pack a bag. If not, you simply dropped everything and ran.

As an organization we hope to help in a small way by providing free language learning to refugees.

How can you, our students, help?

Just by taking lessons with us you’re contributing to this program; part of our profits go directly to this program. If you’d like to help more, in spring/summer 2019 we will have a donate feature just for the refugee program which will allow you to specifically sponsor a participant’s lessons, at any financial amount that works best for you.


Applying for the program is simple, and you can create an application for yourself or anyone else. Click the green button below to start an application. Whenever we have a new opening in the program, which is primarily based on when we have the financial ability, we randomly choose a new participant. We do not choose participants based on what you write in your application; the application is simply so that we can verify that you do meet the requirements of the program. Thus, your application does not need to be long with a lot of detailed information. We know you have a lot on your plate as is. Simply fill out the application with minimal information required, and we will contact you in the event you are chosen.

Simply, you must be a refugee, and of course we must offer the language of your new home country. Unfortunately general immigration does not apply.

No, genuinely, please do not: we choose participants completely at random. Filling out the application with minimal information is all we want and need. We know you have many other things you need to be doing.

Please do fill out an application for each person in your family, but please do not fill out more than one application per person.

No, you’ll have a student account on our website just like all of our other thousands of students.