Spanish Tutor

Vidal Valle

Language: Spanish

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

100% Experts

We only hire and retain exceptional teachers. So unlike many "tutor listing services", you don't have to search through endless profiles and hope for the best. Here at LanguageConvo you’ll get an expert language teacher. Like Vidal, who has been teaching with us for more than 6 years. He has more than 25 years of direct experience teaching Spanish; he holds a degree of specialization in teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the School of Language Sciences at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Prior to joining us, he was the instructional director of a Spanish school in Antigua. Like many of our teachers, Vidal has been with us for a very long time and is part of our extended family here at LanguageConvo. In his free time he loves playing futbol (soccer!) and spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.

Common question: so I can't see individual tutor profiles?

In the past we did list short individual profiles of our teachers. It turned into a "race" trying to create better and better profiles because students would choose a teacher based on one or two sentences in a profile, which was not logical. So we stopped. All of our teachers are excellent, so our recommendation is simple: find a teacher whose schedule/availability aligns with yours. When you schedule a free trial lesson we will do this for you. We're very confident you'll love the teacher you work with in your free trial lesson, but if for some reason you don't just chat with us. After purchasing lessons you can easily schedule with any available teacher.

Do I get to take all my lessons with the same teacher?

Yes, but you can choose to schedule a lesson with another teacher if you wish at any time. Most students stay with the same teacher throughout their studies with us, many have been keeping their language skills sharp for 6+ years (since we were founded) with the exact same teacher. If your teacher is on vacation or leave, it is a simple click to schedule a lesson with another teacher.

Do I get to choose a teacher for my free trial lesson?

No, but you can schedule lessons with any teacher after purchasing lessons. For your free trial lesson we select a teacher who we believe will be a good fit for you based on the information you provide when scheduling your free trial, and availability.

Are all teachers native speakers of the language they teach?

Yes, this sets us apart from most language education you’ll find. We strongly believe that learning from a native speaker is far superior to learning from someone who has learned a second language. Note that Latin is no longer spoken natively anywhere in the world, so our Latin teachers are from Italy, but are not native speakers.

I really need a teacher from a specific country, that speaks a specific dialect!

We (usually) strongly disagree with this. As an example, someone learning English would not do well to learn the English accents and idioms spoken in rural Arkansas (a very “southern” accent) first. Instead, it’s a much better idea to learn standard American English as spoken in say the midwestern US, and only then after having a solid base learn the idioms and idiosyncrasies. Imagine trying to teach a brand new English learner the phrase “how yall doin?” before they know that “how are you doing?” contains a verb “are”, a pronoun “you”, etc. It's simply not a good way to learn a language.

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