🎓 Do I get to stay with the same teacher for all of my lessons?

Definitely! Many of my students have been taking lessons with me for years, maintaining their fluency. That said, you can easily schedule lessons with different teachers whenever you want, which can be helpful when for example your teacher is on a vacation break.

Spanish Teacher
Silvia Aguilar, Spanish teacher

🔒 How do I know you're a "legitimate" company?

We're a licensed educational company! Check us out on Facebook, do a Google search for "LanguageConvo reviews", chat with us, or even ask PayPal; we've been a certified PayPal merchant for many years. We've helped many thousands of students learn a language.

Spanish Teacher
Kenji Ogawara, Japanese teacher

📝 Is there a curriculum and structured learning plan?

100% absolutely. We have a standardized curriculum for each language that we teach, which your teacher will customize based on your learning goals, needs, preferences, etc. That's the biggest benefit to private lessons: customized learning!

Latin Teacher
Alessandra Mulas, Latin teacher

🏆 Are your teachers...good at teaching?

We are, and this is the #1 difference between us and everyone else: we are professional, native-speaking teachers. We aren't part-time "tutors", this is our job! Each of us only teaches our native language, so you learn with a native speaker. This is the best way to learn a language, hands down.

French Teacher
Birame Deck Ba, French teacher

🛒 Do I have to purchase a lot of lessons upfront? Is this another monthly subscription?

No and no. You purchase lesson time, as little as 2 hours, then can use that to schedule your lessons whenever and however you want. You can even reserve ongoing lessons with your teacher, and as they come up pay as you go.

Latin Teacher
Nina Bogattke, German teacher

📖 Are materials, homework, books, practice exercises etc. provided?

They are. Homework and practice exercises are provided, and a lot is built right into our website. We do often use books with our students, although they are optional; most of the books we use cost less than $15, and again they are optional.

French Teacher
Maryna Danovska, Russian teacher

🕒 Can I schedule lessons of different lengths, on different days, times, etc?

You can! Scheduling your lessons is extremely flexible. You can schedule lessons one by one, choosing a different day, time, length, and even teacher. You can even reserve lessons with your teacher far into the future but still pay as you go.

Latin Teacher
Consiglia Mercurio, Italian teacher


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