One-on-One Lessons

One-on-one lessons are lessons in which only one student participates. Private, personalized lessons with exceptional teachers!

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Group Lessons

Group lessons are lessons in which more than one student participates. Great for families, friends, schools, and organizations!

20 Hour Package
10 Hour Package
5 Hour Package
2 Hour Package

Gift certificates! Yes, we sell gift certificates. An intellectual, unique gift, great for friends around the world. Buy one and we will email it to you, or your recipient, on the date you choose. To buy, log in and click Purchase → Gift Certificates.

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  • 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days after purchase (details here)

  • No monthly contracts, no recurring charges

  • Schedule your lessons any time in the next year, with any Spanish tutor

  • Schedule in half-hour increments: from 30 minutes to 4 hour long lessons

  • Schedule on the fly, or set up a consistent schedule with one tutor

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That's John Aitchison, our CEO, getting some laundry done on his first trip to Central America. While we have many tutors all around the world, we're a small management team, so much so that John may reply if you send us an email. A small management and technical team has allowed us to keep our tutoring prices incredibly low! But don't let that worry you: log in to see how easy our website makes it to set up lessons with your tutor.

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